Board Sport ISPO 2018

Stoked Dudes – Board Sport – ISPO 2018 – Longboard Embassy – Shinbiyajima – Snowboard-Pro – Japan

Shin Biyajima & Philippe Roose

Stoked Dudes

When the Ministry is spreading the Wor(l)d about the Board. There aren’t many able to resist the Stoke. The Expo Party been a magnet for all kind of Board Sport Pros the last years and in 2018 we’ve meet the frozen water Surfer Shin Biyajima.

The Board Sport Pro-Rider from Japan been Stoked and down with Dudes of the Ministry, even when he as Snowboarder prefers pretty cold waters to ride.

If you like, you can hit him up on Social Media or discover his Profile at Flow Snowboards…

美谷島 慎 — Snow Board Sport ISPO Pro

Instagram · Facebook · Flow Profile


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