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The invisible Skater captured and Essentials stabilized for Motionpictures. The image is one of our contributions to the Open-Source Community and spreading the net. Obvious it’s popular for Advertising, Editorial, Product Design, Affiliate-Program Websites… and published in print. That’s great and it was a lot of fun taking it, too. Freeze! Hold it — hold it! Just like this. Yeah. Flip it – Turn around. Got it. Now you can…

Get some Air

For the Ambassadors of the Ministry of Stoke we’ve been documenting “Trend Sport Experience“, a big Sport Event in Brunswick, Germany. The festival makes you watch or ride a lot of  Halfpipes, Ramps, Flatland, Pumptracks, Whitezu Waves and many other opportunities. Every place downtown is occupied with audience and loads of skateboarder, biker, free-climber, free-runner and dozen other athletics. So you can watch and shot them while performing stunts like Judo Air, Frontside Air or Frontside Tail Grips. You’ll see Tailwhips, Backflips or Ice Picks in BMX ramps and if you like to experience some of the sports for yourself, your welcome to ride the Pumptrack with Bikes, Skateboards and Longboards. Rollerblades and Stuntscooter been on the Track and had a lot of fun as well.

Driven by the open-source spirit, we decided to publish the image for free to download and use with a creative-commons license. It became known and seen, here…

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Of course you can use it, too.
It’s free to download here with cc0 license.